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Dynamic to Static Page Converter

Dynamic to Static Page Converter is a powerful ISAPI Filter for MS IIS that converts any dynamic page to static. Ideal for main page tickers and catalogues with high traffic, it substantially reduces database workload, while the per request overhead is the minimum possible.

How it works:

  • You install the ISAPI Filter dll, using the IIS Console Manager, for the Virtual Web Sites of your selection, by choosing "Properties" and then the "ISAPI Filters" tab.
  • Then, the content of any call to any script is being written to an HTML file in the same directory. That HTML file has the same name as the script file, but it has an ".html" extension. For example, for a script file "somepage.csp" or "somepage.asp", a static "somepage.html" will be created.
  • For pages like tickers, catalogues etc. that usually have high traffic, but the content rarely changes, it is better that you provide your clients with a static HTML page rather than a script file, reducing the workload of your Database and boosting the performance of your Web Server.
  • There is no need for development of external applications or services to produce such static pages.
  • The Dynamic to Static Page Converter works with any kind of scripts, including CSP, ASP, JSP, PHP etc. For your information, CSP supplies a built-in converter.
  • A good practice is to install the Dynamic to Static Page Converter on a Virtual Web Site, mapped to the same root directory of your target Virtual Web Site, but with a different port ( like 8080 ). By calling a script through that port it will be converted to static page, while by calling it through the regular port, it will run normally, without using the filter.
  • A free automatic trigger service for page refreshing is coming soon...

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