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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

IIS Mod-Rewrite Control Center


Control Panel header
Control Panel - Activation page

In this section you can activate new IIS Mod-Rewrite using the purchased license key, or you can de-activate it so you can move the installation to another server.

Activating IIS Mod-Rewrite

IIS Mod-Rewrite is a "try before you buy" product. So when you install it, it initially works in evaluation/test mode. This mode allows you to test, evaluate, or use IIS Mod-Rewrite for development purposes in full function for unlimited time for localhost originated requests. Additionally, IIS Mod-Rewrite will work for either 1000 requests or 30 minutes for non-localhost requests after IIS is loaded. When these limits are exceeded, IIS Mod-Rewrite stops processing non-localhost requests and you need to restart IIS to get it back running again.

In a production server, you need to raise the limitations above by activating IIS Mod-Rewrite. To activate IIS Mod-Rewrite, type the license key that you have purchased from Micronovae Ltd, and click on button "Activate" to activate it online. If you don't have a license key, click on button "Purchase" to buy one online.

There are two important things regarding the activation mechanism:

  • To activate IIS Mod-Rewrite, your server must be connected to the internet.

  • If you own a single license key, you will be allowed to activate IIS Mod-Rewrite on only one server. If you own a volume license key for n licenses, you will be allowed to activate IIS Mod-Rewrite on up to n servers.

  • After you activate a IIS Mod-Rewrite on a server, you will see the button "Deactivate". By pressing this button you remove the activation. This way you can activate IIS Mod-Rewrite on another server using the same license.

  • IMPORTANT: when you want to make a major hardware upgrade to your server, you MUST first deactivate IIS Mod-Rewrite, then do the hardware upgrade, and finally activate IIS Mod-Rewrite again using the same license key.

Manual activation

If the online activation method above fails, the check box "Manual activation" will turn active. By checking this checkbox you can switch the activation mechanism to manual mode. In such case copy the license key in the field above, click on the button "Activation", and follow the instructions in the new dialog box that appears.

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