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 SDBM converter

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In this section you can convert a textmap file to SDBM hash database file.

Converting textmap to SDBM

This tool converts a plain map textfile used with RewriteMap txt: function, to a SDBM hash database used with RewriteMap dbm: function. The conversion procedure is quite easy as you only have to specify the input textfile and the output hash database file and click on button "Convert".

Optionally, you can choose either to append the input maps to an existing hash database, or overwrite all existing data if a hash database exists (this will force all old data in the hash database to be deleted). If the specified hash database does not exist, an new database will be created in either case.

NOTE: a hash database consists of pair of files. These files have the same filename but different extesions, .dir and .pag. Those extensions are automatically added by the conversion tool so you only have to specify the filename without any extension. For example if you specify "C:\somedir\hashdb", the tool will look for or will create the files "hashdb.dir" and "hashdb.pag".

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