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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

IIS Mod-Rewrite Control Center


Control Panel header
Control Panel - Diagnostics page

In this section you can check the health of your IIS Mod-Rewrite installation.

Running diagnostics

IIS Mod-Rewrite is equipped with an in depth diagnostics tool that probes your system and analyzes all the parameters and settings that affect the behavior and the smooth functioning of IIS Mod-Rewrite runtime module.

The use of this tool is very simple. You simply have to click on button "Run" and the diagnostics procedure will be executed. When finished, this tool will display all the critical information. There are two different views available to this information:

  • View error summary: displays only the errors and warnings found during system probing.
  • View full report: displays all information that is analyzed during system probing.
You can also save the full report in a text file by clicking on button "Save report".

Checking override (.htaccess) configuration files

Besides all the necessary checks, the diagnostics tool can also check if an override (.htaccess) configuration file has correct syntax, if it has appropriate security settings etc. To include an override configuration file in the diagnostics procedure, you need to add it to the overrides list. For more information about adding a file to the overrides list, please read here.

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