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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

IIS Mod-Rewrite Control Center

 Main configuration

Control Panel header
Control Panel - Main configuration page

In this section you can view, edit, check the syntax, and change the filename of the main configuration.

Edit the main configuration

You can directly edit the main configuration in the text box. At any time during the modification, you can click on the "Check" button to validate the syntax of the configuration.

By clicking on the "Reset" button you can undo all the modifications and restore the configuration text to its last saved state.

When you are finished with the modifications, click on the "Apply" button to save all the changes (the saved changes will be in effect within the next 20 seconds).

Choose different file for the main configuration

To change the filename used for the main configuration, click on "Edit..." button. A new window will appear in which you can either type in the new configuration file or you can browse the filesystem and choose a new configuration file.

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