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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

IIS Mod-Rewrite Control Center

 Regex tester

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Control Panel - Regex tester page

In this section you can test the regular expressions before you use them in your configuration.

Testing a regular expression

In this section, you can test a regular expression by using the Regex tester.

To perform a Regex test, enter a regular expression in the field labeled "Regex". For example: ^/old_dir/(.*)$

Also, enter an input string (usually a URL) in the field labeled "Input URL". This input string will be tested for matching on the regular expression. For example: /old_dir/index.html

If you want the tester to ignore the case of the input URL, check the "Case insensitive match" checkbox.

Optionally, you can apply the results of a matched regular expression on a substitution string. You can enter a substitution string in the field labeled "Substitution". For example: /new_dir/$1 . The substitution string is used as in RewriteRule directive, except that only the $N backreferences can be used.

Click on the "Test" button to run the regular expression. In the "Results" panel, the tester displays performance statistics such as parsing and execution times, the matched string, the matched backreferences, and also the result of the substitution, if a substitution string is provided.

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