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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

IIS Mod-Rewrite Control Center


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Control Panel - Updates page

In this section you can download new updates of IIS Mod-Rewrite, but also you can switch between newer or older version if needed for any reason.

Retrieving new updates of IIS Mod-Rewrite

It is important to keep your IIS Mod-Rewrite installation up-to-date. Click on button "Check for updates" to retrieve online information about available updates. If a new update is available, a new button "Download update" will appear. Click on that button to automatically download and install the new update.

There are three important things regarding the update mechanism:

  • Your server must be connected to the internet.
  • You must have activated IIS Mod-Rewrite to be eligible for new updates.
  • The update procedure will stop and restart.

Managing versions of IIS Mod-Rewrite

The update mechanism of IIS Mod-Rewrite, keeps an archive of all the updated versions you have retrieved.

You can select any of the listed IIS Mod-Rewrite versions in the "Update archive" list, and click on button "Switch to" to enable the selected version, or click on button "Remove" to remove the selected version from the archive.

There are two important things regarding the version switching mechanism:

  • The removal of an archived version is permanent, and it is not possible to retrieve it again.
  • The version switching procedure will stop and restart IIS.

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