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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

RewriteLogLevel Directive

RewriteLogLevel directive is used to specify the filtering level of the logging mechanism.

This directive can be used only once in a rewrite configuration.

Configuration context
  • per-server configurations
  • per-virtual-host configurations
  • per-directory configurations
  • override (htaccess) configurations

RewriteLogLevel num

It requires only one argument. num is the log filtering level. The minimum value is 0 and it logs nothing. The the maximum value is 9 and it logs every action taken by IIS Mod-Rewrite engine.

You must always use this directive in conjunction with RewriteLog directive.

If you want to disable logging, you can specify RewriteLogLevel 0.

If RewriteLogLevel is not specified, or you have commented it out, the default level is 0.

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