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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

X-PrgEngine Directive

X-PrgEngine is an extended engine setting directive that controls whether the default scripting engine should be used for external map programs (RewriteMap prg:) or a custom scripting engine should be used instead.

This directive overrides the default engine setting "Use custom map script engine" in Engine Settings page.

IMPORANT: This directive is IIS Mod-Rewrite specific. It is not compatible with Apache mod_rewrite and it should be removed from the rewrite configuration when migrating from IIS to Apache.

Configuration context
  • per-server configurations
  • per-virtual-host configurations

X-PrgEngine default | "[custom:]x:\Path\to\custom\engine.exe [options] %filename"

It requires only one argument. Specify default to enable the default Windows scripting engine (CScript), or specify [custom:]x:\Path\to\custom\engine.exe [options] %filename to enable a custom scripting engine. If using a custom engine, the "custom:" prefix is optional. However you MUST include the placeholder "%filename" that during execution will be replaced by IIS Mod-Rewrite with the script program you have designated using RewriteMap directive. For example, if you have Perl installed on your system and you want to run Mymap.pl script for RewriteMap prg: maps, you must use

X-PrgEngine "custom:C:\Perl\bin\Perl.exe %filename"

Also, since the command line contains whitespaces, you must enclose the entire command line in quotemarks, including the "custom:" prefix.

X-PrgEngine can be used only once within the same configuration scope.

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