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IIS Mod-Rewrite - URL rewrite tool for IIS

X-ProxyKeepHost Directive

X-ProxyKeepHost is an extended engine setting directive that controls whether IIS Mod-Rewrite engine should send the proxied server a "Host" HTTP request header that contains the originally requested server's name, or it should send a "Host" header that contains the proxied server's name.

This directive overrides the default engine setting "Keep original 'Host' header" in Engine Settings page.

IMPORANT: This directive is IIS Mod-Rewrite specific. It is not compatible with Apache mod_rewrite and it should be removed from the rewrite configuration when migrating from IIS to Apache.

Configuration context
  • per-server configurations
  • per-virtual-host configurations

X-ProxyKeepHost (on|enable|yes|true) | (off|disable|no|false)

It requires only one argument. Specify either of on|enable|yes|true to send a "Host" header containing the originally requested server's name, or specify either of off|disable|no|false to send a "Host" HTTP request header containing the proxied server's name.

X-ProxyKeepHost can be used only once within the same configuration scope.

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